Faith In Action

I thought this was amazing! I especially love the section where it talks about not losing momentum as you wait!

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Spirit of Truth, show me the errors of my unbelief!

Fear is the error of your unbelief, thinking that you won’t have enough, fear, being more concerned with what might happen, in lieu, of just doing what I require, “FAITH IN ACTION!”

Faith in action, is when you walk, move, and plan, in faith of God’s Word, regardless to the circumstances. You activate your Faith. Without faith it’s impossible to please Me. Come out of fear and come into Faith. Your faith increases now.

Waiting, is the error of your unbelief, don’t allow time, people, and negativity, to deter or discourage you in your endeavors. Thus, causing you to lose momentum and lose heart, persevere through the wait, endure through the wait.

Keep serving Me and moving towards the goal, during the wait, and don’t just merely wait, but WAIT IN EXPECTANCY OF ME, not man. You…

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