My New Schedule

Hello my lovely followers and anyone else who may be reading this! I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to have a blogging schedule! So I will blog as it shows down below…Well, I am going to try this schedule, we will see how it works😏

Monday: Uplifting quote-sounds good for a Monday, right?!📜

Tuesday: Recipe-whether one of mine or a reblogged one🍽

Wednesday: “Knee-Slapping Wednesday”- A day of fun and comical things😜

Thursday: Crafty Thursday🎨

Friday: “Blogger Spotlight”- I will post a blog that I follow and info. about it❤

Saturday: Random day-whatever feels right😌

Sunday: Bible verse📖


7 thoughts on “My New Schedule

  1. That’s an awesome schedule! I love it! Having a blogging schedule gives such structure to what you post and when. 🙂 Right now, mine is a recipe on Thursdays, a Little Accomplishments on Fridays, award/tag on Saturdays, something about God on Sundays, and anything else I’d like to write about on Tuesdays. It’s so nice to have a basic schedule to follow!

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