Hymn Book Flower Wall Art

Hello my beautiful readers🌻 So, I have finished the craft project that I was going to post last Thursday! I have decided to save it for today, though! This is an idea I found on Pinterest and I just had to try it! I actually really like how it turned out too 😁



– Approximately 100 sheets of paper-about 5X8 inches-Newspaper, hymn books, or a regular book that you do not mind to tear apart 🙂

-Tape, staples or glue

-A cardboard circle 5″ in diameter





-Cut a 5 inch circle out of a piece of cardboard

-Rip or cut your pages out of your book

-If using tape, cut all of your pieces so they are easily accessible

-Start rolling! Begin to roll up your pages into cone shapes; secure with method of choice

-TIP: Make different sizes for a layered effect, by cutting your paper into smaller rectangles

-Attach pages to cardboard in a circular pattern, using smaller cones as you move towards the center

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:

12 Awesome Wall Décor Ideas To Make Up Your Home:

NOW….Here is how mine turned out:

hymn book flower 1



So…what do you think?! It is not the exact same thing, but I love it! I only made this one, but after making it I realized that I need to make many more!! Let me know if you try this out!!



33 thoughts on “Hymn Book Flower Wall Art

  1. I like this! I have 3-4 old hymnals that saw some tough times when my now adult children were little ones – broken spines, missing pages, etc. Never could bring myself to throw them out because…they’re “hymnals” – 😄

    But this is cool, especially if I make sure all the old favorites are ‘visible’. Thanks! 👍

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