Trusting in His Timing- A Collab

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today’s post is going to be kind of unique…Today I am pairing up with Maggie, the lovely writer behind Dreaming of Guatemala  in a blog collab! Basically what is happening is we are both writing on the same topic, just in different forms. When y’all are done reading my post, (or before you read mine, I truly don’t mind either way, haha!) please make sure you read Maggie’s post !

The topic that Maggie suggested was ‘Trusting in His Timing’. Right as soon I had seen this I knew this topic had to happen! She had said this is something she had been struggling with and I was quick to second that. So today I am going to compile some poems together that I have written – some recent and others not – that deal with God, His will, His timing, and patience. Some of these poems were written over a year ago, while some were created within the past hour. Some are not completely finished, but I decided to include them anyway.

Let’s begin, shall we?!

It’s hard to find the balance between doing and  waiting. I often feel like time and I are dating. I want to do things and get them done, I feel as though I need to run. I just really need to sit down and trust in His timing. If only it were as easy as rhyming!

Trust in God is what they say. I believe it, but it’s not feeling quite as easy today. Your timing, not mine. This thought does not settle fine. I know it’s better when you’re in charge, but God I’m not patient I need You to barge!

I know You see it and I cannot. God help me to know that I will not rot.  I can only see things as they are now, You say I have a good future, this You vow. God my trust in You is lacking. It’s like all my hope I’ve been away packing. Seriously, how can this be?! You have never, even once failed me. Yet here I am in all of my doubt….this cannot be what life is about. 

I thought You should be working on my time table.  Honestly that is just me limiting what I think You are able. God I know you are capable of way more than my every thought, but when nothing is happening I can’t help but feel caught. I want things to come fast, yet if they actually did they wouldn’t last. I know things are better with You running it all. If it wasn’t for You I’d be in a constant fall.

 You say to ask for anything in Jesus’ name, You say we’ll receive it, it’s not a game. How do I become patient enough to wait? How do I just stay here and not jump the gate? I need to believe more with my heart, I need to actually allow You the head start. All this time I’ve been wanting to skip the race; what I really need to do is slow my pace. I’m trying to reach the finish line, which I know is quite fine, but how I’ve been doing it isn’t right. I need to rely on God for all of my might. So in the name of Jesus I ask for guidance and peace. I pray that both of these You’ll release. 

Well there you have it! So I guess the majority of these poems are just really me complaining about waiting for God to move in my life. There is really nothing extremely positive about them, yet they are real. This is what I am going through in my life at the moment and YES I feel it’s getting better! In no time at all I’ll be posting some more poems (that are actually uplifting 😉) describing me overcoming this. In the mean time I am going to learn in this season of waiting. I need to learn to be patient and I also need to learn to trust God more. 

God is amazing and so is His timing, I promise! I have gone through seasons like this before where I start to doubt, but He always proves Himself to be faithful. 

I want to encourage you to not give up. It may seem like God is going too slow, and things might never workout, but chill! His plans will persevere and the moment will come where you’ll look back and be so happy that things didn’t go your way, on your time. (I may have wrote that just for myself to read, haha)

I hope you enjoyed reading! Again, be sure to check out the latest post on Dreaming of Guatemala

I wish all of y’all a very blessed and amazing day ❤️

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28 thoughts on “Trusting in His Timing- A Collab

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  2. Girl, I deeply relate to all of the poems you shared, haha ❤ You did a fantastic job with this post! I love the first one, and the one about asking for anything in Jesus’ name. xx You’re a fantastic poet, girlie! I’m praying that the Lord will be with both of us during the seasons of waiting in our lives; if you’re like me, His encouragement is greatly appreciated! ❤ ❤ Thank you for doing this collab with me! 🙂

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  3. Aw, thank you ❤️ I am glad you can 😄 I am about to go check out yours! It’s funny because the first one was wrote last night, whereas the ‘asking for anything in Jesus’ name’ was wrote in January of 2016! It’s crazy that I’m dealing with this once again! Amen, I am praying for the same thing! It is for sure! No problem, thanks for thinking of me! I enjoyed it very much and I was getting small revelations through it all as well, so THANK YOU 💕

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    • You’re welcome! Oh goodness haha, that’s crazy! I’ve noticed a similar occurrence in my own writing at times; I’ll see something I wrote a few years before and think, “I’m still going through that now!” xD aww I’m so glad! You’re very welcome 🙂

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  4. This is such an important topic– we have been waiting for months in a legal matter and it’s only made us trust God more. What else can we do?? He is our only true help in this whole thing. thank you for your insights!! xo

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