DIY Dry Shampoo

Hello to my wonderful followers and all those who may be reading! This DIY is a little different from the rest that I have done previously. This one is a dry shampoo, so I guess you can say I am adventuring into the world of beauty! I have always enjoyed making homemade beauty products. Here are few different reasons why I and you can enjoy making your own beauty products:

  • You know what is going into the products you use on your body

  • You can eliminate the use of toxic ingredients found in most commercial brands

  • It can be much cheaper than purchasing a similar product

  • You can take pride in knowing that you made the products you are using!

  • It’s SUPER fun!!

I am sure EVERY person, especially ladies, have been in a situation similar to this: You need to wash your hair but, you have absolutely no time and your hair is starting to get on the greasy side. AHHHH!! The dilemma! You want your hair to look good, but your schedule is not on your side. We ALL have been there! This DIY will definitely be a good, time-saving hack just for you!

This DIY dry-shampoo is a wonderful way to make your hair not appear greasy, until you have the chance to wash it. It is super simple to make and I am sure all of the 2 ingredients can be found in your pantry! BUT, even if they’re not, they are super cheap!!

Here we go!!

What ya’ need:

  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of cornstarch (preferably Non-GMO!)

  • If you have dark hair you can add either cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder


Now for the hard part…

  • Mix all of the ingredients well and store in a container

I know, I know…..not hard at all 😉

I used an empty, cleaned out glass spice container, I LOVE that is has holes, so I can just sprinkle it up on my head!!

Using this product:

Sprinkle mixture onto scalp and hair roots. Massage and work it in with your fingertips, then comb/brush through.

BA BAM!! Non-greasy hair that is still flexible and flowy!! 


**Make sure you do not replace this with actually washing your hair!! This is a good, temporary solution to greasy hair, but it is NOT a permanent alternative!!


Let me know if you try this DIY and please be sure to tell me how you like it!



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Hymn Book Flower Wall Art

Hello my beautiful readers🌻 So, I have finished the craft project that I was going to post last Thursday! I have decided to save it for today, though! This is an idea I found on Pinterest and I just had to try it! I actually really like how it turned out too 😁



– Approximately 100 sheets of paper-about 5X8 inches-Newspaper, hymn books, or a regular book that you do not mind to tear apart 🙂

-Tape, staples or glue

-A cardboard circle 5″ in diameter





-Cut a 5 inch circle out of a piece of cardboard

-Rip or cut your pages out of your book

-If using tape, cut all of your pieces so they are easily accessible

-Start rolling! Begin to roll up your pages into cone shapes; secure with method of choice

-TIP: Make different sizes for a layered effect, by cutting your paper into smaller rectangles

-Attach pages to cardboard in a circular pattern, using smaller cones as you move towards the center

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:

12 Awesome Wall Décor Ideas To Make Up Your Home:

NOW….Here is how mine turned out:

hymn book flower 1



So…what do you think?! It is not the exact same thing, but I love it! I only made this one, but after making it I realized that I need to make many more!! Let me know if you try this out!!


I am working on it🤗

Hi! How has your week been?

I am here to tell y’all that I am still working on my craft project that I was supposed to post today…BUT, I will post it tomorrow!! For now I will share a mini craft that is super simple!


Marbled Paperweight DIY. These pretty rainbow rocks are perfect for brightening up your desk! With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary rock into your own marbled paperweight.:

This actually does work, too!! Here is how mine turned out:


my rock!.JPG

I did not use extreme colors as they did above, but I like how turned out 🙂

Quick note- it is VERY messy! I would also suggest doing it in a well ventilated area 🙂

For full instructions go to: Kiwi Crate

Homemade Mason Jar Cups

So, I know these are a big thing right now, so I decided to make some. I had some Classico alfredo sauce jars, which I decided to use. I love these jars, because they are actual mason jars and another bonus is the product inside the jar is really delicious! Or, maybe the mason jar is the bonus…. Either way the whole package is good!!

For Christmas my parents got me a Pioneer Woman mason jar glass, which I absolutely love!! Here is a picture of a set of them. Image result for pioneer woman mason jar with handleAren’t they, so awesome! You can also, get extra lids with cool prints, which my parents also got me!! I love the Pioneer Woman (a.k.a. Mrs. Drummond)! I love her products and her show!! #pioneerwomanlove


Anyways, besides my love for all of that, I made some of my own jars. Although they may not be as awesome, they still are something to DIY and it is really close to free! So, let me get started!


Supplies Needed:

– 1 Mason jar from a Classico sauce, or a regular Mason jar


-A screwdriver, or a screw-gun

– Scissors, or something sharp

– A piece of sandpaper, or food safe paint

– A straw

The way it was made:

1. Start by ripping off as much of the label as you can (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect!!)dsc01604

2. Let the jar soak in water for 30 seconds – 1 minute or run it under water until the paper label is thoroughly soaked. After that rub off the paper with your finger. There will still be glue left, so rub it off with a cloth. Also, to get the expiration labels off, just scratch them off with scissors, or something sharp.

2.  I put a hole in the center of the lid for the straw, I used a screwdriver, but I think a screw-gun would have been much better! Make sure you are using a bit that will work for your straw size. I then flipped the lid over and pushed down the excess metal. Again I think a screw gun would be better, so you don’t have much excess metal!

3. Okay, so there is obviously writing ALL OVER this lid! So, to get this off I think a gritty sandpaper would do the trick. I did not have any, so I used the end of the screwdriver and the end of a metal hair clip! If you don’t have the supplies you might have to get creative and find something that would work, like I did! Another option that could save the hassle of scratching the lettering off is food-safe paint. I haven’t tried it, but I think it would work well and possibly better! Also, be careful if you decide to sand or scratch the lettering off, because there will be metal shavings!!

4. Almost done!! After those steps it comes time to wash it!! My hole was to small for my straw, so I had to make it a tad larger! After that, though, all it needs is your straw and some your favorite beverage!!